Normal Warfare

Redcoats in the Wilderness

Redcoats in the Wilderness is a ruleset for wargaming historical miniatures. It is meant to simulate company and battalion-sized conflicts in North America in the eighteenth century.

Through the course of gaming the period for several years, it has become apparent that no current set of rules on the market accurately simulates the medium-sized conflicts of the period. Most rulesets designed for colonial warfare in this period concentrate on skirmish-level actions representing no more than several hundred men in each force. Meanwhile, rules designed for eighteenth-century European warfare are meant to simulate battles on a much larger scale than was typically found outside of Europe at that time. Redcoats in the Wilderness strives to provide rules specifically designed for scenarios in which the opposing armies typically numbered anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand men each while maintaining the unique flavor of Wars in the Wilderness.

This is a completely revised and updated ruleset based on our original Wilderness Wars ruleset.